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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Extensions Clip In Hair Extension Give-A-Way Contest!!!!

Hey Subscribers!!!!!! To thank all of you for being my faithful subscribers I decided to do a contest give-a-way for a free set of extensions! To win this contest, you must submit a video tutorial on a Prom / Formal hairstyle. Submit it as a video response to my YouTube video describing the contest. Here is a list of the rules regarding the contest.
1. Submit the video as a response to my YouTube video describing the contest by December 1, 2010. The video should be a tutorial on a cute Prom or Formal hairstyle.
2. Put "Sweet Extensions Prom Hair Tutorial" in the title.
3. Put a link to my YouTube channel and to
4. Be Creative and Fun!!!!

Thanks, I really look forward to watching all the videos! Make sure to comment on your favorite videos!!! I will take that into consideration! XOXO Sara


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