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Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Paint Laminate Furniture

This brown laminate chest of drawers used to be in Camryn's room. I decided to get her a new one and paint this one for the baby's room. As you can see, it was pretty "blah" before. It is just a cheap chest my husband purchased from Walmart when he lived in Fort Bragg. I wanted to paint it a bright color that would stand out in the room. The colors I have in the nursery are navy, white, and turquoise. My husband tells me that it clashes but I don't think so. I'm doing a nautical theme and the mobile has all of the above mentioned color in it. So, what does he know about decorating anyway! LOL I wanted to share my experience with how I painted this chest using spray paint. 

I love using spray paint. It is so much faster. However, if you don't use the proper techniques, you will end up with a furniture piece that chips. As we all know "Ain't nobody got time for that."  Here are the steps I used to complete this project.
Step One: You definitely want to prime your furniture piece. The good news is, you can get spray primer for that too! Primer is important. Laminate has a shiny finish, you want to prime so the paint adheres better to the furniture and helps cover the color of the furniture. Primer will adhere to laminate. You don't want to forget this step. There are different primers available. You can brush them on or paint them. The one I posted was the Kilz Original. You can purchase all the above products at Lowe's.

Step Two: I used Valspar Paint and Primer in One spray paint. I still recommend using a primer even though the paint says it has primer. I just feel like it helps with the painting because you don't need as many coats. The color I chose is "Exotic Sea." I love the way it turned out! I also painted some wall decor with this spray paint for the nursery. I though I'd share those. I will be posting a YouTube video to show the nursery soon!
 Sorry for the horrible quality of the anchor. It was taken with my iPhone that is on the fritz!

Make sure you lay something down when you are painting to protect your floors. My cousin Breanna and I had a mini disaster while painting this chest. We were spray painting away, and when we finished we noticed the paint went into the central air unit! We weren't even close to it! We took the water hose and sprayed it off, which removed most of it! So, be warned. I would paint in your yard or far, far away from your house!

Step Three: This is the final step in painting laminate (over than letting it dry/ cure.) I gave the top of the chest 3 coats of Polycrylic to help protect it from the paint chipping and peeling. I didn't paint the entire piece, only the top. Polycrylic is great for painted furniture. It is clear and really seals the piece to keep it from being damaged. I prefer using Purdy brushes. They are great and last a long time. I purchased the ones I used from Home Depot, but you can get them anywhere.
I kept the handles the same color on this chest. You could always spray them as well. :)

Here's the finished product. I'm very happy with how this turned out! I hope you found this blog post helpful. Please subscribe to my blog and my other social media. I have two YouTube channels. I have a beauty / hair channel where I focus on my hair extensions, makeup, and fashion:
I also have a DIY channel called Camryn's Closet. You can find my maternity / pregnancy tutorials there as well.

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