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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gel Nails that LAST!!!

    This post is for everyone out there that does their own gel nails at home. I have been doing my own for years on and off. I had trouble getting my gel polish to stay on for more than a week. They would chip and break constantly. I found something that has solved my problem and I wanted to share with you lovelies. It is a nail dehydrator called Gelish Harmony pH Bond Dehydrator. I apply this to my clean nails and let it dry before applying my base coat of gel polish. It has made all the difference in my gel polish staying on. The will stay until I remove them with acetone. 

Here is the link for the polish: 
     Also, I wanted to share the nail polish that I ordered from Amazon Prime. It is inexpensive and very good quality. They have a variety of colors. 
Here is the link for the pink and white shades: 

Here are some other colors that I love. They are super cheap and awesome quality!     
Here is the link for these colors:

This is the LED light I use to cure my nails. It works great and is from Sensationail. 

Here is the link: 

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