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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Tips on Growing Your Hair That Actually Work! WOW!

I have been asked a lot about how to grow color treated hair. If you have your hair bleached, you know it can break easily. This makes it so hard to grow out your hair. I did a video on this several years ago but I wanted to update with new products I'm using. I will post the YouTube video down below. It is an oldie but a goodie. Now, let's start with the tips:

Tip #1: Take a vitamin created for hair growth. These vitamins will usually hair Biotin, Collagen, and other vitamins that promote growth. I prefer gummies because I hate taking pills. The first ones are called SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins Vegetarian Gummies. These task great and they work from promoting hair growth. Here is the link for those:
Here is another cheaper vitamin option: 

Tip #2: Sleep with a silk or satin case. This helps prevent breakage while sleeping. Here is one that I use:  This comes in different colors, it is cheap, and Amazon offers free shipping! 

Tip #3: Use satin or silk hair scrunchies to pull your hair back. These are softer and prevent breakage. I usually wear me hair up at night with my scrunchie to keep it out of my face. I put it in a loose bun on my head. Also, wearing your hair up everyday does promote breakage to your hair. Especially, when you use hair elastics. Try to limit the amount of time you use it. Here is a hair scrunchie that I recommend: The reasons I recommend this one is it comes in different sizes depending on the thickness of your hair. Also, it is made in the USA. 

Tip #4: Last but not least, limit the amount of heating tools you use on your hair. I try to only wash my hair  2-3 times per week. In between washes I use dry shampoo. Heating tools break off your hiar. Especially, if they are used on a daily basis. I found that flat irons were the worst on my hair. If you use one, make sure it has heat settings for the temperature. Also, make sure to always use a heat protectant. I'm linking my favorite shampoo, conditioner, flat iron, and heat protectant for color treated hair. These can be used on any types of hair though. 
First is my favorite shampoo and conditioner:

* Favorite heat protectant: I love the Redken One United Multi Benefit Hair Treatment. It has a detangler, heat protectant, and 23 other benefits for your hair. 

 * Here is a great flat iron. The temperature can be set to whatever you want. Try to use the lowest setting at all times. I like this one because the temp is adjustable and it has automatic shut off. No one wants to burn the house down!

If you want long hair, but you don't want to wait, you can try clip in hair extensions. My Sweet Extensions store is going out of business and all my extensions are marked under wholesale pricing. These are real human hair and they are great quality. Plus, I'm offering FREE SHIPPING! Check out my store:

Last but now least, here the YouTube video on tips for growing out your hair that I made several years ago. The products posted here are the ones I currently use. Please subscribe to my beauty and DIY YouTube channels and hit the notification bell to be notified when I upload. Here is the link to my Beauty YouTube channel:  Here is my DIY and Lifestyle YouTube channel:

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