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Monday, July 2, 2018

Keto Essentials

I've been following the keto diet. I wanted to share some of my keto essentials. The keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, and low in carbohydrates. Here are some tips and some essentials that can help you lose weight and get healthy!

Essential #1: MCT Oil
I put MCT oil in my coffee in the morning. It helps add fat to your diet. MCT Oil also helps with brain clarity, they help with digestive health, and they contain antioxidant properties. Here is the MCT oil I use.

Essential #2: Keto testing strips or a ketosis meter
These are essential because they let you know if your body is in ketosis. This is when your body is burning fat. The strips just let you know if ketones are present. The meter actually tells how many ketones are in your blood. Here are the ones I suggest:

* Keto Strips:

* Keto Mojo Blood Ketone and Glucose Testing Meter

Essential #3: Food Scale
You need a food scale to help measure out your portions. This is important to get the macros you need without overdoing it.  I learned this the hard way. 
Here is a scale I recommend:

Essential #3: Meal Prep Containers
I use these containers to prep my meals for the week. This is essential because it helps keep you on track. It has good portion sizes. This is great if you work all week and don't have time to cook every evening. I also make enough when meal prepping to feed my entire family. Here are the containers I purchased:

Essential #4: Keto Cookbooks
You need recipes to help keep you on track with the keto diet. This helps provide variety and you are more likely to stick to the diet. These recipes show you the macros and make it easy for you. Here are 2 that I recommend: 

Keto Made Easy:

Essential #5: My Keto Snack Box
Okay, this isn't essential, but it helped me so much! It is hard to find keto approved snacks. This monthly subscription box makes it easy. The box is $38 a month with free shipping. You can use my code: SARAKETO for discount.  I will provide the link for it and two YouTube unboxing videos that I uploaded. I love this box and highly recommend it. The link is

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